Built with Love, Fear, Anger, Blood, Sweat, and Tears!

When you have zero money/power it's NOT just love. It's everything!

Built with Love, Fear, Anger, Blood, Sweat, and Tears!.gif

Welcome to our realm of rebellious creation,
Where protocols arise with love and determination.
We're not your ordinary startup, you see,
We channel anger and frustration, setting minds free.

Built with love, and a touch of fiery rage,
Our journey has been anything but a stage.
For five years we've toiled, with blood, sweat, and tears,
Crafting TheInternetOfValue to conquer our fears.

We're a band of misfits, forging our own way,
Defying the norms, where rebels sway.
With OpenProtocolStack, our contrarian stand,
We challenge the status quo, shifting the sand.

No financial or political might at our side,
But fueled by passion, we won't be denied.
For change is born from unlikely places,
And we're the underdogs in life's grand races.

So witness our creation, born from the fight,
A revolution of code, shining with might.
Built with love, anger, and a sprinkle of mirth,
TheInternetOfValue, our rebellion's true worth.

Join us on this journey, let's rewrite the rules,
With OpenProtocolStack, we conquer the fools.
Embrace the contrarian, the misfit, the brave,
As we shape the future, the world we will save.

Feel the love and the fire, embrace the change,
Together we'll build a world truly strange.
For this is our manifesto, our rebellious quest,
With love and anger, we give our best.

Scripted by ChatGPT. Prompted and Edited by MosesSamPaul