What is the main concept of "The Internet of Value" book?

The book explores the idea of a decentralized community economy that optimizes for the wellbeing of the individual at its core. It aims to rethink economic systems, focusing on labor and productivity, and proposes an open protocol stack including the ValueCapture Protocol, Wellbeing Protocol, and DAOcommons Protocol.

Who is the intended audience for the book?

The book would be beneficial to anyone interested in decentralized economies, blockchain technology, and new models for labor and productivity. It's particularly relevant for community builders, developers, economists, and forward-thinking business leaders.

What are some key topics covered in "The Internet of Value"?

The book discusses topics such as job and gig platforms, moving towards token economies, the shift from productivity to wellbeing, the concept of self-sustaining communities, and the idea of a wellbeing score as opposed to a credit score.

Why does the book focus on the concept of wellbeing?

The book argues that current economic systems overemphasize productivity and capital accumulation, often at the expense of individual wellbeing. The authors propose a shift towards incentivizing wellbeing, with a wellbeing score based on a range of factors including physiology, emotions, feelings, thoughts, habits, and performance.

How does "The Internet of Value" relate to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

While the book acknowledges the power of cryptocurrencies for frictionless capital movement, it argues that they have not fundamentally changed the game in terms of value creation vs. value extraction. Instead, it proposes leveraging blockchain technology to create decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and a new system for capturing and incentivizing value with complete transparency.

What is the OpenProtocolStack mentioned in the book?

The OpenProtocolStack is an output of the authors' experiments and research. It consists of the ValueCapture Protocol, Wellbeing Protocol, and DAOcommons Protocol.

The ValueCapture Protocol captures who has done what and the value of what's being done.
The Wellbeing Protocol quantifies wellbeing and incentivizes its pursuit.
The DAOcommons Protocol provides a set of recommendations and rules for building sustainable decentralized organizations.

How can I get involved with the concepts and ideas presented in "The Internet of Value"?

You can pre-order the book or back the idea by investing in one of the 5000 NFTs to seed the concept into reality. The website also provides access to various communities or clubs which are experimenting with these concepts in practice.

What kind of experiments and research does the book draw from?

The book's concepts are based on experiments with skill-based communities, interviews with gig workers and industry experts, and primary research on data ownership and the gig economy.

Is "The Internet of Value" available in digital format?

Yes, it will be soon!

What are the future plans for the concepts and ideas in "The Internet of Value"?

The vision of the authors is to create an equitable society where humans can unleash all dimensions of their life through self-organizing and sustaining skill-based communities. Their mission is to offer the best technology and human ecosystem for 10,000 community builders and empower them to be the pillars of the future, equitable economy.

What is TheInternetOfValue?

TheInternetOfValue is a research and implementation-based exploration of a decentralized community economy that optimizes for the wellbeing of individuals at its core. It aims to redefine economic systems by focusing on value exchange, wellbeing, and decentralized governance.

How does TheInternetOfValue address the current state of the world's economic systems?

TheInternetOfValue recognizes the issues of unethical capital accumulation, inequality, and labor exploitation present in the current economic systems. It proposes a shift towards a decentralized community economy that promotes individual wellbeing and equitable distribution of resources.

How does TheInternetOfValue redefine value exchange?

TheInternetOfValue introduces the concept of the ValueCapture Protocol, which aims to transparently capture and quantify the value created by individuals. It challenges the dominance of traditional monetary systems and offers an alternative vision where multiple forms of value are acknowledged and exchanged.

What is the role of wellbeing in TheInternetOfValue?

TheInternetOfValue places a strong emphasis on wellbeing, moving away from purely productivity-focused measures. It acknowledges that true prosperity encompasses not only financial success but also physiological, emotional, and performance factors. Wellbeing is quantified and incentivized to promote a holistic approach to individual and community flourishing.

How does TheInternetOfValue enable decentralized governance?

TheInternetOfValue introduces the DAOcommons Protocol, an open protocol that enables the building of sustainable decentralized organizations. It fosters participatory decision-making, aligns incentives, and promotes collaboration across diverse skill segments, irrespective of traditional categorizations.

Can TheInternetOfValue address issues of inequality and economic inclusion?

TheInternetOfValue aims to address issues of inequality by redefining economic systems to prioritize individual wellbeing and equitable distribution of resources. By leveraging decentralized governance, value capture, and wellbeing protocols, it strives to create more inclusive and accessible economic models.

How can individuals participate in TheInternetOfValue?

Individuals can participate in TheInternetOfValue by engaging in discussions, joining skill-based communities or clubs, and contributing their insights and expertise. By actively participating in the ecosystem, individuals can help shape the future of the decentralized community economy.

How does TheInternetOfValue leverage technology?

TheInternetOfValue leverages emerging technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized protocols, to enable frictionless value capture & exchange, transparent governance, and the quantification of wellbeing. It harnesses technology to create more equitable and sustainable economic systems.

Can TheInternetOfValue be implemented globally?

TheInternetOfValue's principles and protocols have the potential for global implementation. However, the specific implementation may vary based on regional factors, cultural contexts, and existing economic systems. Customization and collaboration with local communities are essential for successful adoption and adaptation.

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