Unlock new Revenue Streams by building DAOs/ Skill based communities

Invest in your Employees and reap 100x benefits

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Is your Business facing these issues?

High Attrition / Employee Churn

Employees who don't feel connected with the company leave for high-paying jobs though you've spent months/years training them?

Under Utilisation of Resources

Traditional time trackers and "big brother" initiatives aren't improving the team productivity ?

Lack of Skilled Bench Strength

Remember those times when you wanted to quickly start a new project/whip up a new feature and you couldn't cos skilled bench strength wasn't available ?

What do we Offer?

Unlock new revenue stream and run the most efficient shop

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New Revenue Stream

We will help you Recognise the Skilling / L & D department as a revenue source

If L & D / Skilling department isn't setup we will help you set up

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Skill System

Setting up, Managing, and aligning incentives to the core Skill System that we would've set up in step 1

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Efficiency Boost

By incentivizing skilling through learning, performing, and community building categories we would have helped you set up and scale the most efficient workforce in your segment

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Unlimited Talent Supply

By setting up the skill system and opening it up for the external audience of your domain you will never have to worry about a lack of quality talent as you have an on-demand talent supply

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Leverage Bench Strength

By setting up the gig/demand system we would make sure your bench strength is effectively utilized

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White paper & Tokenomics

The DAOcommons protocol team will help you with the white paper and the tokenomics of your community / DAO and help you launch it

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