Join the 8 week Cohort-based Community Building

The best way to maximize your value (100x) as an individual is to build a community around your skills

NOT for the weak-hearted.
DO NOT sign up if you can't spend your entire waking time thinking about bettering yourself / your skill-based community.

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Who's this for?

Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves and maximize their value (100x)

Employed Full-time but Unhappy

You're aware that some form of A.I. can automate 90% of your work and your work isn't challenging enough. You feel stuck.

On a Sabbatical / Fired and Exploring your Purpose

Looking for your purpose/meaning in your life and you've tried/trying traveling, meeting people, and exploring opportunities.

Freelancers but Failing to Achieve Full Potential

We get it, you are a skilled freelancer but you aren't able to get high-paying clients consistently or scale your offerings and are stuck in a middle-income rut.

Join our Web3Community / DAO Building Cohort

8 Week Intensive

8 Week Intensive Web3Community Building Cohort

Ideate and Launch your DAO / Community to 1 Million $ in Value and Launch a Token

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Personal Identity - Founder Profile

Output of this step:

  1. Personal Identity.
    Skills (Hard, Soft Skills & Values & Virtues), RiverOfLife, Vision and Goal.
  2. 24 hour Schedule of your Ideal Day.
  3. Social Media Profile Setup / Cleansing
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Web3 Community - Conceptualisation & Strategy

Output of this step:

  1. Community - Identity, Vision, Mission & Values
  2. SkillSystem - Draft 1 (Learning, Earning, Community Building Factors)
  3. Landing Pages and Social Media of the Community
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Pre Launch the Community

Output of this step:

  1. Feedback on Community structure from your Target Audience
  2. SkillSystem Validation by Top 1% of your community's skill
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Skilling System Setup

Output of this step:

  1. Structured and Unstructured Learning setup
  2. Discord / Community Communication Setup
  3. Learning Management System setup
  4. First Short Course curation / creation with Quizzes
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Demand System Setup

Output of this step:

  1. B2B & B2C content Strategy
  2. SkillSystem validation by the market
  3. First 10 Gigs for the community
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Operating System Setup

Output of this step:

  1. Onboarding Flows and Engagement Loops
  2. People Planning for Apprenticeship & Internship Setup
  3. Events, Learning Circle, Webinar Processes
  4. Community Huddle Setup
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Metrics and Measuring

Output of this step:

  1. Setting up the Community / DAO health Ratio Dashboard
  2. People System Metrics
  3. Money System Metrics
  4. Operating System Metrics
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Launch the Community

Output of this step:

  1. ERC20 Token for your DAO / Community
  2. Community Launch during the cohort graduation day
  3. Accountability Partner Process for the next 2 months
  4. Community Board Meeting Invite

Join our Web3Community / DAO Building Cohort

8 Week Intensive