Value is at the core of everything!

The problem - unethical capital accumulation (capital accumulated through labor exploitation and not reinvested / equitably distributed)
This can't be solved without understanding value in its most fundamental form.
Is it labor-based or market-based? ValueCapture Protocol finds the balance!

Theories of Value - Economic Lens

AdamSmith to David Ricardo to Karl Marx to Piero Sraffa.
Delve Deeper

Too Academic / Technical?

We look at the balance between the labor theory and marginal theory.
In simple terms: Who is doing, for How Long, What is being done and What's its Worth


The fundamental construct, that is, Time. As Time is the only constant across the globe, everyone gets 24 hours.


StartTime , EndTime


Output Proof, MetaData

Wellbeing Log (who)

Activity Type: Physiology, Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts, Habits, Performance

Skill Log (what & worth)

Activity Type: Learning or Executing or Community Building

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